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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Development of a Low Temperature Fabrication Process of Evacuated Glazing for Energy Efficient WindowsNeogi, Subhasis; Ghosh, Ananya
2010Synthesis and Characterization of SnS Thin Films Using Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction (SILAR) Method and Fabrication of CdS/SnS Heterostructured DevicesGhosh, Biswajit; Das, Subrata; Banerjee, Pushan; Chowdhury, Sumit
2010Study on the Improvement of Glazing System for Energy Efficient BuildingsNeogi, S.; Biswas, Monalisa
2010Study on Energy Consumption Pattern and Scope of Energy Conservation in Implements used in AgricultureJash, Tushar; Banerjee, Parag
2013A Study on Availability and Possibilities of Bio-Energy from Dairy-Manure at North Kolkata in India & a Proposed Conceptual Design of a Concentrating Solar BoilerMandal, Ratan; Biswas, Rathin
2013Performance Prediction of Solar Water Heating Systems using Artificial Neural NetworkMandal, Ratan; Batabyal, Kushal
2013Feasibility of Implementing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Metropolitans and Suburbs: A Case Study of Kolkata and Santoshpur (Budge Budge)Mandal, Ratan; Majumdar, Deepanjan
2013A Study on Biodiesel Production from used Vegetable OilJash, Tushar; Banerjee, Nabanita
2013Study on the Performance of the Secondary Cooling Circuit under Varying Loads of a Guarded Hot Box System for U-Value MeasurementNeogi, Subhasis; Chowdhury, Debasish
2013Study on the Performance Characteristics and Identification of the Parametric Control Strategies of a Guarded Hot Box System and the Development of the Closed Loop Feedback Control System for U-Value MeasurementNeogi, Subhasis; Ghosh, Amrita