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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Study of Pattern of Mineral Bone Disease in Patients on Dialysis in a Tertiary Care Hospital & Appropriate use of Non-Calcium Containing Phosphate Binder & CalcimimeticsMajumdar, Arghya; Bandyopadhyay, A. K.; Das, Anandam
2012Design and Evaluation of Resealed Erythrocytes Loaded with Venlafaxine HydrochlorideBandyopadhyay, A. K.; Das, Urmi
2012Development and Evaluation of Novel Mucoadhesive Sustained Release Nasal Minitablets of Metoprolol SuccinateBandyopadhyay, A. K.; Maity, Indira
2010Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Some Triazole DerivativesMaity, Tapan Kumar; Singha, Tanushree
2012Bacteriology and Sensitivity Pattern in Pneumonia among Hospitalized Patient in a Tertiary Care Hospital at Eastern IndiaMukherjee, Suranjan; Samanta, Amalesh; Roy, Prakriti
2012Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring in Intensive Care UnitVenkatesh; Sa, Biswanath; Lalremmawii, K.
2012A Study to Evaluate Anti-microbial Properties of an Indian Medicinal Plant-with Particular Reference to Multidrug- Resistant PhenotypesSen, Tuhinadri; Mondal, Chaitali
2012QSPR with Extended Topochemical Atom (ETA) Indices: Modeling of Critical Micelle Concentration of SurfactantsRoy, Kunal; Kabir, Humayun
2012Studies on the Coupled Redox Reactions in Leishmania donovani PromastigotesBera, Tanmoy; Chatterjee, Chandrima
2012Development and Evaluation of Chemically Crosslinked Hydrogel Beads of Diltiazem-Resinate using Natural Polymers for Controlled ReleaseSa, Biswanath; Mitra, Shataneek