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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Design Analysis of Slipper Pads for Axial Piston PumpSaha, Rana; Sanyal, Dipankar; Pramanik, Samrat
2012Detection of Crack in Cantilever Beam Like Structure using Ann and Wavelet TransformPohit, Goutam; Banerjee, Amit
2012Experimental and Computational Studies on the Hydrodynamics of Fuel InjectionSen, Swarnendu; Mukhopadhyay, Achintya; Mahapatra, Soumik
2012Study of Machining Characteristics in EDM of EN 31 Tool SteelBarman, Tapan Kumar; Sahoo, Prasanta; Das, Milan Kumar
2012Reliability and Inspection Modeling of Railway Signaling SystemPanja, Subhash Chandra; Kumar, Nikesh
2010Phase Free Single and Double Plane Balancing of a Small and Medium Size RotorNeogy, Sumanta; Nandi, Arghya; Chattopadhyay, Chandrani
2008Parametric Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Frequency Response Characteristics of a 2-Dof Quarter Car Model Using Passive and Semi-Active Damper Control and H2 Optimization TechniqueChakrabarti, Ranajit; Bose, Probir Kr.; De, Abhijit
2010Optimization of Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine Fueled with Karanja Oil Methyl Ester using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational AnalysisMisra, Dipten; Pohit, Goutam; Datta, Ambarish
2010A Statistical Modeling of Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite and Process Optimization by Taguchi Method and Grey Relational AnalysisBanerjee, Simul; Laha, Dipak; Hansda, Sunil
2010Design and Experimental Analysis of a Heat Recovery System and to Study the Feasibility of using It for Running an Automobile Air-Conditioning SystemChakrabarti, Ranajit Kr.; Bose, Probir Kr.; Das, Rajat Subhra