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Title: 3D Sound Externalization of 2 Source Sounds
Authors: Acharya, Arunasish
Dutta, Tulika
Keywords: Education Technology
Multimedia Development
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: In this article we describe a prototype system for creating a 3D sound when 2 sounds are being generated simultaneously. Firstly, the input sounds are being transferred from mono sounds to stereo formats with the help of non-individualized HRTFs. Different cues are added to them and hence an effect of a dummy spherical head and the pinnae are added using HRTF. Secondly, the two input sounds are mixed proportionately according to their direction of generation. Their high frequency components are eliminated while passing to the ears of opposite directions respectively. Thirdly, artificial reverberation is applied on them where early reflection and late reverberation are both taken care of. Since in normal day to day life several sounds are heard simultaneously ,so the aim of this project was to study how this effect can be produced in a system generated procedure. In today's world virtual reality is of much use and production of 3D sound finds its place in a lot of practical places, which started with NASA's work and also finds its place in computerized games, cockpits ,etc. Hence this study throws light on production of simultaneously generated sounds.
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