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Title: Accessing a Library from Anywhere
Authors: Neogy, Sarmistha
Chowdhury, Chandreyee
Naskar, Raj Kumar
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This report describes my self implementation of a library access using mobile device. I used the Entity- Relationship model to design a database that will store and organize the library's data. I have created the database using MySQL and populated it with some sample data. The system can keep track of student’s information including his/her personal information and library information details, librarians or administrator details, operator details, library locations, books details, books issued details, fine and the relationships between them. Using Java Server Pages, servlets, and JDBC, I have created an Internet-based graphical user interface that allows students and librarians to access the system remotely. The member or student who has a valid library card, can access the system. They can search books information using author name, title etc and can make a demand for the available books. But in case they have to stay inside the campus or inside the coverage area of the wireless network and for this they not have to pay any cost to the service provider. Administrator or the operator can access the system for updating the system like books information entry, reloading of information of returned books, creating new members or card holders, checking the fine details to be paid by the members for returning the books lately. The operator would be able to issue a book if it is available. The database uses normalized tables for storing relevant information about the books, members etc. In addition query optimization technique has been adopted to increase the efficiency of the system. Moreover, the results of frequently searched queries are cached for future reference. All queries are processed at the server end where the database is stored. The handheld devices only send and receive queries from the server. The system is very user friendly and efficient. Hence the system makes the complex task of library management, fast and easy job.
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