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Title: AC Loss Calculation of High Temperature Superconducting Cable Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Konar, Gargi
Chakraborty, Niladri
Mandal, Rajat Kumar
Keywords: Power Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Jadavpur University
Abstract: The uses of high temperature superconductors are gaining importance in power applications. Instead of conventional cables, the high temperature superconducting cables are already in use. One of the challenging issues in the development of HTS cables is the AC loss calculation and its reduction, which directly affects the power transmission efficiency. Keeping this in view, the analysis of AC loss in HTS cable has been chosen for the present work. Two types of single phase copper core high temperature superconducting cables are considered in this thesis for simulation of AC loss using finite element method. First one is made up of mono block high temperature superconductor. The superconducting material used in the HTS layer is YBCO. In the present work the distribution of magnetic field and electric field in the copper core, HTS layer and the surrounding dielectric layer are shown for an alternating current flowing through superconductor and the applied field. Also the current density and AC losses of the mono-block HTS cable are evaluated. To reduce the AC loss of the HTS cable, mono block HTS layer is replaced by a polygonal single HTS layer. This layer consists of 28 numbers of high temperature superconducting tapes. MATLAB code has been developed to determine current density distribution and AC loss calculation for both types of the HTS cables. The MATLAB observations are verified by a finite element based software package, COMSOL Multiphysics. A comparative study on AC loss of these two types of HTS cables has been performed. Also the verification of the simulated data is done.
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