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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Vaisesika Doctrines in the Nyaya WorksGanguli, Sarbani; Som, Diptasree
2014Vector Ant Colony Optimization and Travelling Salesman ProblemPatra, Chiranjib; Pratyush
2010Vector Quantization Algorithims for Image Compression ProblemsRakshit, Anjan; Chatterjee, Amitava; Biswal, Sunita Swarnamayee
2013Vehicle License Plate Detection and Segmentation of Character using Edge Detection and Morphological OperationsMukherjee, Joydeep; Roy, Sourav
2014Vehicle License Plate Recognition using Morphological Edge Detection and Character Matching AlgorithmMukherjee, Joydeep; Dey, Suprokash
2012A Verifiable and Proactive Secret Sharing SchemeKundu, Shovonlal; Mondal, Sanjib
2013Verilog – A Modeling of FD - SOI/ SON MOSFET and Performance Study of High Speed Ultra Low Power SRAMSarkar, Subir Kumar; Saha, Deepon
2013Vesselness Filter - Matched Filter Synergism Via Orientation Histogram for Retinal Blood Vessel DetectionChowdhury, A. S.; Jha, Dhiraj Kumar
2013Viability of Evaluating Tearing Resistance Steel Sheet using Tensile TestsRay, Saradindukumar; Padmapriya, N.
2014Vibration Analysis of a Cracked & Un-Cracked Fixed Beam and Cracked Cantilever BeamSarkar, Susenjit; Mondal, Samar Chandra; Quila, Malay
2010Vibration and Surface Finish in Gear Hobbing ― Some Experiments and AnalysesPal, Pradip Kumar; Ghosh, Prabir Kumar; Das, Soumen
2013Vibration Isolation using Open or In-Filled Trenches as Wave BarriersMukherjee, S. P.; Sahu, R. B.; Banerjee, Raja
2012Video Summarization using Proximity GraphsChowdhury, Ananda Shankar; Das, Moloy Narayan
2013The Violence of Poetry and the Poetry of Violence: A Comparative Study in the Poetry of Three English and Three Bengali Language PoetsDas, Samantak; Mandal, Ruhul Amin
2014Virtual Assessment ToolSinha, Anupam; Agarwal, Puja
2012Virtual Password based Authentication in the Area of Online Authentication using Random Number and Operator Precedence ApproachMukherjee, Joydeep; Ahmad, Md. Shahid
2008Visible Plants from Early Indian Sculptures (A Study Based on the Depiction in Stone and Terracotta Sculptures Housed at the Indian Museum, Kolkata)Dasgupta, Nupur; Lahiri, Jayasri
2010Vision Based Motion Planning and Navigation in Khepera EnvironmentKonar, Amit; Das, Pradipta Kumar
2014Visual and Infrared Patch-wise DCT based Image Fusion using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization and Image SegmentationBhattacharya, Samar; Maji, Debasis
2010Visual Information Processing (Face Recognition)Acharya, Arunasish; Bhattacharjee, Shiladitya