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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011UG_Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering _BE:CHEMISTRY - I;1st Year,1st Semester-
2011UG_Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering _BE:ENGINEERING MECHANICS - I;1st Year,1st Semester-
2010UIO based Structural Control & Actuator Fault Detection & AccommodationSadhu, Smita; Nandi, Amit Kumar
2014Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Footings on Layered Cohesive SoilMukherjee, S. P.; Paul, Arindam
2010Understanding the Process of Emotion: A Philosophical AnalysisChakrabarti, Sadhan; Agrawal, Lalita
2014Unit Commitment by using Particle Swarm OptimizationPaul, Subrata; Majumder, Suman
2010Unit Sizing and Scheduling of Stand-alone Hybrid Power System using Bees AlgorithmChakraborty, Niladri; Tudu, Bhimsen
2010Universal Typing SystemDas, Nibaran; Mahadani, Anish
2011Universals: Meaning and JustificationChakraborti, Tapan Kumar; Pal, Bhaswati
2010Upgradation of Coal using Wet BeneficiationBanerjee, Prasanta Kumar; Mondal, Chanchal; Mukherjee, Debdipto
2013Urban Built Forms: Investigations for Interventions in Urban Environment -Case Study KolkataBardhan, Suchandra; Ghosh, Santosh; Das, Debashish
20-Jul-2014Urban Poverty in West Bengal during 1980- 2010:Trends and DeterminantsMukherjee, Nandini; Chatterjee, Biswajit
2014Urban Renewal of an Area under Transformation Surrounding an Institutional Hub: Case Application at Jadavpur, KolkataNag, Sanjib; Talapatra, Moumita
2013Urban Revitalization of a Blighted AreaRoy, Madhumita; Chatterjee, Debangshu; Hun, Sukanya; Ghosh, Parna
2014Urban Revitalization of SSKM Hospital AreaBhattacharya, Tapas Kumar; Roy, Tuhin Shubhra
1993Urbanisation in Mughal Bengal in the Seventeenth Century : Case Study of a Few Cities and Sea-PortsDe, Amalendu; ghani, Osman; Das, Anil Kumar
2013Use of Artificial Potential Field Method for Path Planning of Mobile RobotsDebnath, Subir Kumar; Mistry, Samiran Bikash
2014Use of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant Ash and Stabilizer for Quality Improvement of Pavement MaterialsAitch, Pritam; Roy, Ranjan
2012Use of GIS in State wise Attribute Analysis and Its Application on Education SystemHalder, Prasun; Ghosh, Parswati
2013Use of Industrial Waste Material in Construction of Low Cost RoadsAitch, Pritam; Sarkar, Shouvik