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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013QSAR Modeling of Skin Sensitization Potential of Diverse Organic ChemicalsRoy, Kunal; Nandy, Ashis
2006QSAR Modeling of Some Selected Classes of Anti-HIV CompoundsRay, Kunal; Leonard, J. Thomas
2013QSPR Modeling of Odorant ChemicalsRoy, Kunal; Pal, Pallabi
2012QSPR with Extended Topochemical Atom (ETA) Indices: Modeling of Critical Micelle Concentration of SurfactantsRoy, Kunal; Kabir, Humayun
2012Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Gamma Irradiation with Pasteurization of Sewage Sludge as a Tool for HygienizationMazumdar, Asis; Roy, Debasri; Roy, Pankaj Kumar; Priyadarshini, Juhi
2004Quality Analysis of Esplanade Area in Terms of Physical, Functional and Environmental IssuesBose, Shibashish; Biswas, Sovan
2010Quality Assessment of Some Indian Medicinal Plants through Marker ProfileMukherjee, Pulok K.; Barman, Tapu
2013Quality Evaluation of Black Tea with Electronic Nose and Tongue Employing Fuzzy based TechniquesBanerjee, Runu; Modak, Angiras
2009Quality of Health Service in Bangladesh: Health Status, Health Infrastructure and Expenditure on HealthMalakar, Bipul; Habib, Md. Wahidul
2013Quantifying the Deposition of Particulate Matters on Climber Vegetation on Living Walls in Kolkata, IndiaThakur, Biswajit; Nath, Navaneeta
2014Quantitative and Qualitative Simulation of Groundwater by Conceptual Models in Aquifer using MODFLOW and MT3D Package of Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) SoftwareRoy, Pankaj Kumar; Mazumdar, Asis; Halder, Subrata
2014Quantitative Determination of Anti-biotic Remnants in Chicken FleshKarmakar, Sanmoy; Maity, Subhranil
2014Quantum Analytical Modeling of Ultrathin DMDG SON MOSFET: A Performance AssessmentSarkar, Subir Kumar; Shee, Sharmistha
2013Quantum Effects in DMDG SON MOSFET: Analytical Modelling and Performance StudiesSarkar, Subir Kumar; Naskar, Sourav
2013Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors Based Electronic Nose and Support Vector Machine: Case Study with Black TeaSharma, Prolay; Mondal, Amitava
2010A Query Focused Language Independent Multi Document Summarizer and Ad-hoc Monolingual Information Retrieval for English and BengaliBandyopadhyay, Sivaji; Bhaskar, Pinaki
2009Rabindra Nath Tagore and Rural Development : Education, Co-Operation, Agriculture, EnvironemntPalit, Chittabrata; Banerjee, Keya
2013Rabindrajiban O Dharana; Course - E. D. 1.30; 1st Year, 1st Semester-
2014Rabindrajiban O Dharana; Course - E. D. 1.30; 1st Year, 1st Semester-