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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Packaging of Ammonia Gas SensorBandyopadhyay, Subhankar; Sarkar, Mithun
2014Page Level Script Identification from Multi-Script Handwritten DocumentsSarkar, Ram; Dalal, Santu Kumar
2014Palmprint Recognition using Multiple Statistical Features and ClassifiersParekh, Ranjan; Chakraborty, Priyanka
2013Palmprint Recognition using Texture Based FeaturesParekh, Ranjan; Karak, Subhajit
2010Parallel Gauss Elimination with Partial Pivoting using PthreadsRay, Utpal Kumar; Mukherjee, Sonali
2010Parallel Sorting by Regular Sampling using PthreadsRay, Utpal Kumar; Barai, Smritikona
2012Parameter Depenedant Synthesis and Characterization of Poly AnilineGhosh, Biswajit; Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Dutta, Mrinmoy
2012Parameter Estimation of Neuro-fuzzy Model for Prediction of Time Series DataMandal, A. K.; Sheet, Deb Kumar
2012Parametric Analyses of Micro-EDM of Al5083Mitra, Souren; Sarkar, Biplab Ranjan; Choudhury, Sudipta
2008Parametric Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Frequency Response Characteristics of a 2-Dof Quarter Car Model Using Passive and Semi-Active Damper Control and H2 Optimization TechniqueChakrabarti, Ranajit; Bose, Probir Kr.; De, Abhijit
2014Parametric Analysis and Optimization of Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Micro-Drilling of Gamma-Titanium AluminideSarkar, Soumya; Kuar, Arunanshu Shekhar; Tarkeswar, K
2014Parametric Analysis of Electrochemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) Process during Micro-Channel Cutting on GlassSarkar, Biplab Ranjan; Ali, Md Niamot
2012Parametric Modelling and Optimisation of the Laser Cutting and Welding using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic AlgorithmGhosal, Sujit; Chaki, Sudipto
2010Parametric Optimization of Non-Traditional Machining Processes Using Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmChakraborty, Shankar; Samanta, Suman
2012Parametric Optimization using SA, GA, and ABCSanyal, Subir Kumar; Kuar, Arunanshu Shekhar; Doodi, Venkateswararao
2013Parametric Study based Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Cylindrical DRAGupta, Bhaskar; Ghosal, Rinki
2013Parametric Study of Laser Beam Micro-Grooving of HydroxyapatiteLahiri, B. N.; Sanyal, S. K.; Ranjan, Rajeev
2012Parametric Study to Investigate the Characteristics of Single, Stacked and Suspended ETDRAM. Biswas,; Prasad, Chandra Shekhar
2013Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Cable using Inductive Coil Pick-up MethodBhattacharya, Kesab; Chatterjee, Biswendu; Gupta, Abhishek