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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Job PortalSinha, Anupam; Sanyal, Arnab
2001John Clare: Problems of Identity and Self-Consciousness: An Examination of Clare's Poetry and Its Affinities with that of His Contemporaries and Earlier PoetsSarkar, Malabika; Roy, Sraboni
2011Justice and Equality in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Vision of IndiaMukherjee, Anuradha; Banerjee, Aparna; Mallik, Chittaranjan
2011Justice, Rights and Duties: A Philosophical StudyChakraborty, Sadhan; Mukherjee, Maitreyee
2013K, N Extended Visual Secret Sharing SchemeKundu, Shovonlal; Das, Pinkal
2013A K- NN Based Ensemble Method for Partitioning & Incremental Data ClusteringSarkar, Kamal; Pathak, Nilavra
2012K-N Secret Sharing of Color ImageKandar, Shyamalendu; Rakshit, Adya Prasanna
2012Kalman Based Filters for Tracking ProblemsSadhu, Smita; Chaudhuri, Dipanjan
2013Key Establishment Scheme Using HMAC for Securing Data Transmission in Ad hoc NetworkMukherjee, Saswati; Sen, Abhirupa
2014Key Frame Based Video Summarization using Delaunay Graphs in an Enhanced Feature SpaceChowdhury, Ananda Shankar; Mitra, Soumen
2010Kinetic Constant Evaluation in Batchfed Reactor for Wastewater Containing Organics and Nitrogen with Reference to SlaughterhouseMukherjee, Somnath; Pradhan, Harapriya
2014Kolkata City Sewage Treatment in Fish Ponds of East Kolkata Wetland: Issues and ChallengesMajumder, Arunabha; Roy, Pankaj Kumar; Pal, Amit Kumar
2012L2 Gain Analysis of a Networked Control System with a Time - Driven State Feedback ControllerGupta, Amitava; Das, Sourav Kumar
2010Laboratory and Field Test Evalutation of Clay Liner Materials (with and without admixtures), and Synthetic Liner Materials for Chrome Tannery Sludge Disposal ProcessGhosh, S.; Mukherjee, S. N.; Sarkar, Kunal
2012Laboratory Design and Calibration of a Five Inch Parshall FlumeMazumdar, Asis; Das, Rajib; Das, Subhasish; Roy, Saikat
2014Laboratory Information Management SystemSaha, Sanjoy Kumar; Mondal, Ramise Raja
1992Labour and the Role of the Plowman in Langland's "Piers the Plowman": A Reading of the 'A' + TextMukherji, Sajni; Bose, Sanat Kumar
2013Lack of Communication in Pinter, Albee and Badal SircarChattopadhyay, Sobha; Ghosh, Sujato
1996The Landed Middle Class and Politics in Hooghly, 1859 - 1914Palit, Chittabrata; Sen, Subhash Chandra