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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Handoff Cost Minimization and Planning of Next Generation Heterogeneous Integrated Overlay Networks using Taboo SearchMaitra, Madhubanti; Dutta, Ipsita
2012Handoff Delay Reduction in Wireless Network by using Neighbour Graph and Proactive Context Caching TechniqueChattopadhyay, Matangini; Bera, Sandipa
2012Handwritten Bangla Compound Character Recognition using ‘CG’ Based Gradient FeatureDas, Nibaran; Das, Pankaj
2014Handwritten Bengali Numeral Character RecognitionAcharya, Arunasish; Misra, Anurup
2013Handwritten Oriya Digit Recognition using Graph Product KernelNasipuri, Mita; Dey, Niloy
2014Handwritten Signature Recognition System using Connected ComponentsAcharya, Arunasish; Das, Parama
2014Handwritten Signature Recognition System using Euler NumberMukherjee, Joydeep; Chatterjee, Souvik
2012Harmonics Analysis of High Intensity Discharge Lamp SystemsRoy, Biswanath; Maiti, Payel
2013Harmonics and Power Quality Analysis of High Intensity Discharge Lamp SystemsRoy, Biswanath; Datta, Sagnik
2005Hazard analysis and safety measure in pipeline transportation of fluid fuels; Nath, Gautam
2010Health Care in Crisis: the Changing Pattern of Private Health Care in Post Independence KolkataChattopadhyay, Kunal; Bagchi, Amrita
1996Health Science Information Needs and Services in Bangladesh: Persent Status and Suggestions for Future DevelopmentBiswas, Subal Chandra; Rezaul Islam, Mirza Mohd.
2015Heat and Mass Transfer ; 1st Semester-
2015Heat and Mass Transfer ; 1st Semester-
2014Heavy Metal Removal through (Chitosan-ZnO) Composite Membrane from Waste WaterMitra, Monoj Kumar; Ghosh, Ujjwal
2014Heavy Metals Pollution Potential of Leachate on Groundwater and Surface WaterHazra, Tumpa; Dutta, Amit; Manna, Arpan Kumar
2007Herbosomes - Value Added Herbal Drug Delivery System; Maiti, Kuntal
2006HESTORY:Social History of Science and Technology in India in Colonial Phase;II Year,4th Semester-
2013A Heuristic Approach for Optimal Solution of an Intractable ProblemChattopadhyay, Samiran; Sen Sarma, Samar; Sadhukhan, Sounak