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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Aadhaar Security Travel IdentitySinha, Anupam; Chhatui, Rajkumar
2013Ambulance Tracking SystemSinha, Anupam; Mondal, Sonhardha
2012Berhampur Municipality Account Management SystemSinha, Anupam; Mondal, Sahin
2013Book Cart-Online Book StoreSinha, Anupam; Samanta, Sanjeev
2010Data Encryption Standard (DES) & Attainment of Digital Signature, Message Authentication and Confidentiality in Data Transmission Using SHA-512Sinha, Anupam; Barman, Sumay
2010Design of an E-Commerce WebsiteSinha, Anupam; Roy Choudhury, Abhisekh
2010Design of an E-Commerce WebsiteSinha, Anupam; Pal, Roshmi
2014Durga Puja GuideSinha, Anupam; Bala, Rajat Suvra
2014Energy Billing SystemSinha, Anupam; Besra, Santosh
2013EQUINOX – An Online Examination SystemSinha, Anupam; Saha, Abhishek
2012iDoc - Tools for Doctor ConsultationSinha, Anupam; Biswas, Avik
2012Image Segmentation using Variable ThresholdingSinha, Anupam; Das, Saheli
2010Implementation Of Data Encryption Standard (DES) & Implementation of SHA-512 Algorithm for Attaining Digital Signature and Message AuthenticationSinha, Anupam; Kumar, Mukesh
2010Implementation of Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Implementation of HMAC Algorithm for Attaining Message Authentication and IntegritySinha, Anupam; Roy, Suvankar
1997An Integrated Approach to Transputer Based Fault Tolerant System Design with Special Emphasison Global State ConsistencyDas, P. K.; Sinha, Anupam
2013Job PortalSinha, Anupam; Sanyal, Arnab
2014Messaging in Social Networking Site (Log in, Log out & Messaging)Sinha, Anupam; Sengupta, Sudip
2014Mp3 File Sharing SystemSinha, Anupam; Mandal, Subhomoy
2012Online - Auction SystemSinha, Anupam; Bhutia, Yuden
2012Online Air Ticket Management SystemSinha, Anupam; Hansda, Anindita