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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Adaptive Call Admission Control Mechanisms for QoS Provisioning in WiMAX NetworksSaha Misra, Iti; Laishram, Romesh
2013Coverage Maximization and Power Optimization of Femto Based Cellular LTE NetworksSaha Misra, Iti; Maity, Baisakhi
2012Design and Implementation of a Smart Fleet Management SystemSaha Misra, Iti; Basu, Sounak
2012Development of a Multiplier based QPSK Modulator Test-bed and Integration with Agilent Vector Signal Analyzer (89600) for Performance EvaluationSaha Misra, Iti; Sharma, Vijay
2013Implementation of Low Cost Low Bandwidth Virtual Education PlatformSaha Misra, Iti; Mondal, Patrika
2010Implementation of RSA Security Protocol for Sensor NetworkSaha Misra, Iti; Sahana, Avijit
2013Performance Analysis of Video Frame Formats by Proposed Application-Level Streaming Video Quality MetricsSaha Misra, Iti; Misra, Swagato
2014Performance Analysis of Wireless Channel Equalizer and Its FPGA Based ImplementationSaha Misra, Iti; Chatterjee, Aritra
2010Performance Evaluation of Integrated WiMAX and WLAN Networks for Voice over IP ApplicationSaha Misra, Iti; Kundu, Anindita
2010Performance Evaluation of WiMAX Network in Aspect of Modulation and Coding Schemes and Hand-off using OPNETSaha Misra, Iti; Bhunia, Suman
2012Performance Study of WiMAX for Different QoS Parameters with Varying Cyclic PrefixSaha Misra, Iti; Ghosh, Sayani
2012Pricing Framework and VoIP Performance in WiMAX/Wi-Fi Integrated NetworkSaha Misra, Iti; Mondal, Dulal Chandra
2012Realization of Some Cognitive Radio Aspects using WARP: A Reconfigurable FPGA Based Hardware PlatformSaha Misra, Iti; Byabarta, Nilanjan
1996Some Studies on the Characteristics of Concentric Microstrip RadiatorsChowdhury, Santosh Kr.; Saha Misra, Iti
2013Study of Channel Estimation Techniques for Statistically Generated Fading ChannelsSaha Misra, Iti; Sen Gupta, Sayan
2014Study of Cooperative Game Theory for Wireless Communication Networks and Practical Implementation of Underlay Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Network under WARP SystemSaha Misra, Iti; Biswas, Bodhisatwa
2013Study of Spectrum Sensing and Sharing Strategies for Interference Management in Cognitive Radio NetworksSaha Misra, Iti; Manna, Tanumay
2010Study on V-Shaped Microstrip Patch AntennaSaha Misra, Iti; Murmu, Sudip Kumar