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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Accessing a Library from AnywhereNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Naskar, Raj Kumar
2010Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection System ImplementationNeogy, Sarmistha; Mondal, Rabindra Nath
2013Application of Mobile Agent in VANET for Measuring Environmental DataNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Mitra, Gaurav
2010An Approach towards Security of Mobile AgentsNeogy, Sarmistha; Saren, Sonia
2012Bluetooth-AODV for Routing in ScatternetNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Shit, Minu
2013CEMBT: Enhancing the Coverage of Sensor NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Patra, Subhadeep
2013Dependability of Mobile Computing System Using Mobile AgentsNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee
2014Design of an Energy Efficient Data Delivery Scenario in Wireless Sensor NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Sen, Soumita
2013Design of Power Aware AODV Routing ProtocolNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Halder, Tanmoy Kanti
2014Design of Power Aware AODV Routing ProtocolNeogy, Sarmistha; Ray, Payel
2013Design of Reliability Estimation Techniques for QoS - Aware Mobile Ad-hoc NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Ghosh, Sumita
2013Design of Route-Reputation Based AODV for MANETNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; De, Sankar
2013Developing Secured MANET using TrustNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Roy, Moumita
2014Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Pramanick, Moumita
2014Estimating Reliability of Cluster Based MANETNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Kumari, Abha
2010Fault Torerant Techniques for Managed Nodes in Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Garai, Mainak
-Mobile Agent Security: A Few AspectsNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Mondal, Avijit
2010Privacy Preserving in Location Based Services by using Cache Management Technique within MIXes System of Mobile ComputingNeogy, Sarmistha; Chatterjee, Pinaki
2014Reliability Analysis in Sensor NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Chowdhury, Chandreyee; Gore, Paramita
2012Routing in Dynamic Tree Based Sensor NetworkNeogy, Sarmistha; Samanta, Tuhin Subhra