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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An Adaptive Execution Scheme for Achieving Guaranteed Performance of Jobs in Grid EnvironmentMukherjee, Nandini; Ghosh, Dibyajyoti
2013Amazon EC2 Simulator: Simulation of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Environment using CloudSimKhatua, Sunirmal; Mukherjee, Nandini; Karmakar, Anupam
2012Application of Clone Detection Techniques for Estimation of Resource Requirements of a JobMukherjee, Nandini; Sarkar, Madhulina; Chudamani, Sameeta
2010Design of Hospital Management SystemMukherjee, Nandini; Khaleque, Sharmin
2013Dynamic Web Service Provisioning in a P2P – based Framework: Load Balancing and Fault Resiliency IssuesMukherjee, Nandini; Mukherjee, Arijit; Jaiswal, Dibyanshu
2013Efficient Data Forwarding and Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor NetworksMukherjee, Nandini; Roy, Sarbani; Mukherjee, Rajesh
2012Energy Efficiency, Fast Data Delivery and Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor NetworkMukherjee, Nandini; Das, Debasree
2014Experience Based Sink Placement for Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworkMukherjee, Nandini; Banerjee, Subhra
2014Fuzzy Assisted Event Driven Data Collection from Sensor NodesMukherjee, Nandini; Pal, Jayita
2010Graph Clustering with Neighborhood Search and VisualizationMukherjee, Nandini; Roy, Anupom
2010Implementation of a Hospital Management SystemMukherjee, Nandini; Kar, Pubali
2010Implementation of a JADE Based Multi-Agent Framework for Maintaining Guaranteed Performance of the Applications Running in Grid EnvironmentMukherjee, Nandini; Mukhopadhyay, Rupam
2010Implementation of a Jini Based Service Framework in a Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkMukherjee, Nandini; Kar, Pushpendu
2010Implementation of Capability Aware Routing Algorithm in NS-2 EnvironmentMukherjee, Nandini; Das, Tathagata
2012Implementing a New Approach for Mobility Management in INTER-PAN Network of a Wireless Sensor NetworkMukherjee, Nandini; Roy, Sarbani; Das, Soumen Kumar
2010Indoor Environment Monitoring Using Heterogeneous Wireless Sensing DevicesMukherjee, Nandini; Roy, Sarbani; Bhunia, Suman Sankar
2014IoT Enabled Remote Health MonitoringMukherjee, Nandini; Dhar, Sourav Kumar
2014Load Based Dynamic Web Service Deployment for P2P EnvironmentMukherjee, Nandini; Das Mandal, Sukhen
2014Monitoring Environmental Pollution using GIS and Internet of ThingsMukherjee, Nandini; Manna, Souvik
2014Multi Criteria Decision Assisted Routing in IP Based Wire-less Sensor NetworkMukherjee, Nandini; Das, Bijoy