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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010AC Loss Calculation of High Temperature Superconducting Cable Using Finite Element MethodKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Mandal, Rajat Kumar
2013Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Coil Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage for Three Different Coil Designs and UPS Application of the Maximum Energy ModelKonar, Gargi; Roy, Satrajit
2013Modeling and Simulation of Micro Hydro-Diesel Hybrid Power System for Localized Power Requirement using MATLAB/ SimulinkKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Singh, Amit Kumar
2014Modification of Floyd-Warshall’s Algorithm into a Shortest Path Algorithm Applicable for Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Khan, Pritam
2010Numerical Simulation of AC Losses due to AC Ripples in the Field Winding of a 100kVA High Temperature Superconducting GeneratorKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Chakrabarty, Arnab
2014Online Monitoring of Remote Power Data by Wireless Sensor Network using Different Routing AlgorithmsKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Ghosh, Arnab
2012Optimal Sizing of a Stand-alone Solar-Wind-Battery-DG/Biomass Hybrid Power System to Meet the Load Demand of a Typical Village at Sagar Island using Genetic AlgorithmKonar, Gargi; Deb, Siddhartha Gobinda
Oct-2014Optimization and Integration of Renewable Energy Souces into a Hybrid Deregulated Environment by Soft Computing Techniques for Multi-Area loaded Frequency ControlChakraborty, Niladri; Konar, Gargi; Baksi, Rukmini
2010Performance Calculation of High Temperature Superconducting Hysteresis Motor using Finite Element MethodKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Das, Joyashree
2012Software Development for Online Monitoring of Power Line Data using Wireless Sensor NetworkKonar, Gargi; Sau, Susmita