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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010AC Loss Calculation of High Temperature Superconducting Cable Using Finite Element MethodKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Mandal, Rajat Kumar
2012Congestion Management by Rescheduling of Active Power of Generators using Generator Sensitivity Based on Differential EvolutionChakraborty, Niladri; Kundu, Saikat
2013Design and Scheduling of a Hybrid Power System Consisting of Wind Turbine, PV Generator, Battery Bank and Diesel Generator using ‘area based observe and focus’ AlgorithmTudu, Bhimsen; Manda, Kamal K.; Chakraborty, Niladri; Bhowmik, Amrita
2013Energy Economy of Distributed Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Resources by Soft Computing MethodsChakraborty, Niladri; Som, Trina
2013Modeling and Simulation of Micro Hydro-Diesel Hybrid Power System for Localized Power Requirement using MATLAB/ SimulinkKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Singh, Amit Kumar
2014Modification of Floyd-Warshall’s Algorithm into a Shortest Path Algorithm Applicable for Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Khan, Pritam
2010Numerical Simulation of AC Losses due to AC Ripples in the Field Winding of a 100kVA High Temperature Superconducting GeneratorKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Chakrabarty, Arnab
2014Online Monitoring of Remote Power Data by Wireless Sensor Network using Different Routing AlgorithmsKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Ghosh, Arnab
2010Optimal Integration of Distributed Energy Resources into Demand Side Management using Differential EvolutionChakraborty, Niladri; Sur, Khrist
2012Optimal Sizing and Placement of Generator Units in Distributed Generation System by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) TechniquesChakraborty, Niladri; Tudu, Bhimsen; Kumar, Sajjan
Oct-2014Optimization and Integration of Renewable Energy Souces into a Hybrid Deregulated Environment by Soft Computing Techniques for Multi-Area loaded Frequency ControlChakraborty, Niladri; Konar, Gargi; Baksi, Rukmini
2010Performance Calculation of High Temperature Superconducting Hysteresis Motor using Finite Element MethodKonar, Gargi; Chakraborty, Niladri; Das, Joyashree
2005Power Loss Minimization by Optimal Capacitor Allocation and Network Reconfiguration using Modified Cultural AlgorithmChakraborty, Niladri; Haldar, Vivekananda
2012Reconfiguration and Service Restorartion in Retail Distribution System using Differential EvolutionChakraborty, Niladri; Tudu, Bhimsen; Pal, Diptendu
2013Studies on Evaluation of Combustion Behaviour of Coal and Biomass BlendsChakraborty, Niladri; Sarkar, Pinaki; Sahu, Santi Gopal
2010Unit Sizing and Scheduling of Stand-alone Hybrid Power System using Bees AlgorithmChakraborty, Niladri; Tudu, Bhimsen