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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Acquisition and Processing of Retinal Images for Blood Vessel DetectionChakraborty, Monisha; Banerjee, Sumana
2012Acquisition, Processing and Analysis of Normal, Diseased and Music Stimulated ECG SignalsChakraborty, Monisha; Das, Shreya
2013Acquisition, Processing, Coding & Study of Fractal Behaviour of ECG SignalsChakraborty, Monisha; Sankhari, Sayanti
2014Algorithms Developed for Biomedical Image Denoising, Compression and Classification using Wavelet and Other Approaches and their Performance EvaluationChakraborty, Monisha; Sarker, Tanaya
2014Algorithms Developed for Denoising, Feature Detection, Different Compression Methods and Wavelet Based Coefficient Analysis on Different ECG SignalsChakraborty, Monisha; Dhal, Ayan Kumar
2014Algorithms Developed for Events, Power and Non-Linearity Study of Biosignals using Wavelets and Fractal AnalysisChakraborty, Monisha; Sikdar, Debdeep
2013Algorithms Development for Retinal, Brain MR & Blast Cell Images: Pre-Processing, Segmentation, Image Dependent Feature Computation & Performance EvaluationChakraborty, Monisha; Bhattacharjee, Rupsa
2013Development of Image Processing and Pattern Matching Algorithms for Biomedical Images and Biometrics Fingerprint RecognitionChakraborty, Monisha; Biswas, Ankit
2012Development of Medical Image Processing Algorithms and Application of Artificial Neural Network for ClassificationChakraborty, Monisha; Datta, Sarbani
2013Development of Noise Elimination, Compression, Feature Extraction and ANN based prediction algorithms for Normal and Diseased ECG SignalsChakraborty, Monisha; Roy, Anup Kumar
2013Image Enhancement, Segmentation & Feature Extraction Algorithms Development for Brain MRI & Fingerprint ImagesChakraborty, Monisha; Maiti, Ishita