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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20143D Skeletonization using Fuzzy Distance Transform and Its Application to Hemodynamic Analysis in Human CerebrovasculatureBasu, Subhadip; Molla, Azhar Uddin
2010Application of Support Vector Machine in Protein Secondary Structure PredictionBasu, Subhadip; Hira, Jayita
2010CMATER db 1.2. Preparation and Ground Truthing of Handwritten Bangla Mixed with English Words Text Line DatabaseBasu, Subhadip; Das, Kamalendu
2014A Consensus Prediction of Binding Sites in Human Protein Sequence using Physicochemical Features and SVM-classifiersBasu, Subhadip; Das, Anup Kumar
2014Development of an Advanced 2D/ 3D Interface for Generation of Synthetic Cerebrovascular ImagesBasu, Subhadip; Chakraborti, Tarai
2006Development of OCR Techniques for Handwritten Bangla Text; Basu, Subhadip
2013Development of Some Camera Based Document Processing Techniques for Mobile DevicesNasipuri, Mita; Basu, Subhadip; Mollah, Ayatullah Faruk
2014Estimation of Optimum Flow Paths in Human Cerebro-Vasculature using a 2-D/ 3-D InterfaceBasu, Subhadip; Biswas, Parimal
2013Implementation of Adaptive Stroke Filter using Fuzzy Distance Transform for Localization of Text Regions in Camera Captured Scene ImageBasu, Subhadip; Paul, Shauvik
2010Implementation of Canny Edge Detection AlgorithmBasu, Subhadip; Mallick, Rajendra Nath
2010Implementation of Kirsch and Robinson Edge Detection AlgorithmBasu, Subhadip; Mondal, Somen
2010Implementation of Sobel and Prewitt Edge Detection AlgorithmBasu, Subhadip; Sen, Aniruddha
2012Recognition of Hand-Written Roman Numerals using Tesseract OCR-EngineBasu, Subhadip; Koley, Tanmoy
2013Some Studies on 3-D Digital Flow Analysis in Human Carotid VasculatureBasu, Subhadip; Dey, Sudipta
2014Some Studies on Segmentation of Cell Nuclei and Sub-Nucleus Alleles from 3-D Confocal Microscopic ImagesBasu, Subhadip; Pal, Ayan
2013Some Studies on Thickness Analysis of Cerebro- Vasculature using Reverse Fuzzy Distance TransformBasu, Subhadip; Banerjee, Ankita
2010A Study on Neural Network Based Prediction Technique for Protein Secondary Structure PredictionBasu, Subhadip; Gangopadhyay, Nilanjana
2010A Study on Some Image Preprocessing Techniques and Preparation of a Ground-Truth Tool and Database for Handwritten Word SegmentationBasu, Subhadip; Haque, Jiaul
2012A Study on Tesseract Open Source Optical Character Recognition EngineBasu, Subhadip; Banerjee, Saikat